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about diabella

Isaak Nassimi, founder and chief designer of Diabella has been recognized for his diligent craftsmanship, intricate and elegant designs, and persistent commitment to creating heirloom quality jewelry. Diabella carries a vast selection of luxury bridal rings and elegant fashion accessories. "Perfection is not an accident", a belief that has driven Isaak to continuously strive to perfect his craft in creating fine jewelry.

Growing up in Europe and watching his father’s trade, Isaak learned a great deal about the world of fine jewelry from a very young age. Inspired by his father’s passion for creating beautiful pieces of art, Isaak eventually founded his own niche within the jewelry industry.

Isaak’s endeavor would take him all throughout Europe, yet it was Italy that truly captured his heart. Studying jewelry design under the tutelage of his family in Milan, he realized his greatest inspirations came from unorthodox muses for jewelry. Italy and its many majestic cities proved to be a source for Isaak’s creativity and passion for timeless pieces of jewelry. Walking through the cobble-stone streets of Milan, observing the soft curves of the hills of Tuscany, the grand domes within Florence, and the breathtaking spires of Venice provoked an epiphany in the young designer’s mind. The sites in these magnificent cities were more than architecture, but rather enduring pieces of art whose beauty transcended time. Isaak recognized that this concept was the key to designing truly timeless pieces of fine jewelry.

In 1986, Isaak Nassimi moved to New York City, where the inception of Diabella took place. The vibrant and bold city of New York was the final source of inspiration for the creation of Diabella, as it sparked the fusion of European’s classic elegance with New York’s bold sophistication. Isaak treats every design as a personal artwork, ensuring that every piece is authentic to his vision. Luxury at its finest, the personal investment and attention to every minute detail is evident in all Diabella designs; honoring a family legacy of creating quality jewelry handed down from generation to generation.

Diabella captures the essence of artistry that often has been lost in the modern age. We believe that every one of our designs has a life of its own and is adorned as an extension of one’s identity. Diabella’s designs are created to capture one’s individuality and unique sense of style. Diabella seeks to create designs which accentuate and complement a woman’s beauty without overpowering her true elegance. Every piece is designed to honor the innate grace, curvatures, and radiance of a woman.

Renowned for our bridal collections and fashion jewelry, Diabella brings diversity in style and designs allowing true self-expression. Honoring the importance of one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s lifetime, Diabella emphasizes individuality while designing unique collections of engagement rings and wedding bands. Diabella’s designs allow every individual to represent distinct and subtle characteristics of their love with luxury rings that are as timeless as the commitment they embody.

Our modern yet elegant fashion jewelry is designed to enhance the everyday experience and make any day special. Crafted with intricacy and designed to capture the brilliance of each piece of jewelry to its optimal beauty, every piece by Diabella is synonymous with luxury and classic grace.

Diabella is dedicated to catering luxurious jewelry to all women and makes luxury affordable by offering a variety of price ranges without compromising quality. Diabella jewelry is proudly manufactured in the United States, and undergoes microscopic quality control to ensure designs with the finest precision settings and quality.